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Between the Sheets (Cocktail Cruises Book 3) by Allie Boniface Review

Title: Between the Sheets
Series: Cocktail Cruises Book 3
Author: Allie Boniface
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 103
Price: $2.99
Thoughts: Fun, Sexy, and a Good Pick-Me-Up

Book Synopsis:

An affair with an exotic cruise line dance instructor might be just the escape this single mother needs…

Andrea DeMarco is determined to merge a cruise ship career and single motherhood. But that leaves zero time for sex or love, so when she has a chance for a fling with a sexy cruise ship dancer, she goes for it.

Sebastian Vasquez enjoys a low-key life as the ship’s dance instructor, a welcome change from his previous life in Argentina as the star of a hugely popular dance show. But when Andrea sweeps into his life, everything changes.

Will new love help him come to terms with his past, and convince her to find room in her life for another man?


This is such a great series. It's fun, sexy, and always a good pick-me-up. I really enjoyed this addition to the series. I liked that the main character was a single mother who desperately needed the cruise more than she realized. I highly recommend this series.

Mississippi Madness by Eugenia Riley Review

Title: Mississippi Madness
Author: Eugenia Riley
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 380
Price: $3.99
Thoughts: Whisks you away to another time and place.

Book Synopsis:


Many moons ago when my acclaimed historical romance, MISSISSIPPI MADNESS, was first published in mass-market paperback, a severe paper shortage prompted the publisher to cut 100 pages from my final manuscript in order to save on very high book production costs at the time. Although the shortened book was enthusiastically received by my fans, I always felt as if some of the heart was cut out of my story. Thus I am delighted to resurrect MISSISSIPPI MADNESS in all its lusty glory in this brand-new, unabridged, freshly edited Eugenia Riley Classics edition of my beloved antebellum romance.

I invite you to join Jasmine DuBroc and Jared Hampton on their passionate adventures in Old South Natchez, Mississippi. You’ll cheer for Jasmine, a heroine who truly grows into her own strength as a woman during the course of the story. And you’ll fall in love with Jared, my charming, sexy and irrepressible hero; to quote from ROMANTIC TIMES, “Who can resist a knight in shining armor?” The story is filled with unexpected plot twists, dramatic escapades and heroic rescues. If moonlight and magnolias, sumptuous atmosphere and midnight seductions are your thing, then succumb to MISSISSIPPI MADNESS today!

MISSISSIPPI MADNESS is a full-length historical romance of approximately 125,000 words. Author Eugenia Riley is the renowned, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary and time-travel romances, including the classics A TRYST IN TIME and BUSHWHACKED BRIDE. She has written for publishers including Avon, Bantam, Warner, Harlequin and Dorchester.


Eugenia Riley is a master when it comes to whisking readers away to another time and place. Her ability to create dialect that matches the time period is spot on. If you love romances set in the mid-1800s, you'll love this book.

Heroes: A Guest Post by Ruth A. Casie

Heroes, they're the stuff that dreams are made of. In the 1980's all a hero had to do was be handsome and chase the virginal heroine around in order to end up with a happily ever after. Readers wanted a man that displayed great courage and even perhaps made a personal sacrifice for the greater good in the face of danger, adversity or a position of weakness. Isn't that what heroism is all about?

Thirty years later, the heroism factor hasn't changed but the hero certainly has. Romance readers want a man of today with true emotions and vulnerabilities. Many readers don't care if he looks like Paul Giamatti or Gerard Butler or Sam Heughan (personally I think Graham McTavish is awesome). Handsome doesn't always translate into muscular or even gorgeous. Maybe it's his smoldering eyes (sex still sells) or his heart-stopping smirk when his heroine's intelligence shines (he'll let the reader know but he won't tell her until page 300). It can be almost anything. Most of all readers want insight into a sensitive man who needs to work out his own emotions in order to get his prize. It's how he faces and eventually resolves his internal conflict that keeps them reading.

Heroes can be swash-buckling, debonair, unassuming, and even unlikely. They don't necessarily have to be handsome with perfectly developed bodies although for that is still a plus *cheesy smile.* Readers want to cheer on the hero who struggles through his emotional quest, emerges enlightened, and wins the girl.

Once again, my critique partners and I have put together an anthology. Our Christmas offering is Timeless Treasures. There are five stories with a variety of heroes. My story, Whispers on the Wind, us about Lord Bran.

With their five years of training with the Druid Council completed, Arik and Bran, brothers in every way but blood, rush home to Fayne Manor in time for the new year's festivities. This year's celebration is special. After years of anticipation, Arik and Bran will receive their portions and at midnight, their sister Leticia will release the annual wishes intended for those in need of kindness, patience, courage and honor.

Arik, who is tapped to be the next Druid Grand Master, tells Bran he can have his portion, his childhood dream, Fayne Manor. Bran knows the ultimate decision rests with their father, Fendrel. Old childhood fears and insecurities about the loss of his parents and belonging to Fendrel's family resurface. He must find a way to cement his place in the family and obtain Fayne Manor. After much thought Bran sees the solution--marry Leticia.

His perfect plan begins to unravel when he realizes Leticia is in love with one of her father's allies. Do the fates have other plans for him when he meets Caylyn, a childhood friend, who stirs feelings in him he's never felt for any other woman? Will he be willing to give up everything he's ever wanted--for her?

Timeless Treasures is available to buy now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

September and the Single Heart by Vi Zetterwall Review

Title: September and the Single Heart
Series: The Single Heart Series, Book 9
Author: Vi Zetterwall
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 172
Price: $2.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Thoughts: Great main character and storyline.

Book Synopsis:


Master planner, James Hale, hatches a scheme to kidnap the daughter of a powerful mob boss and hold her for the highest ransom he can imagine. Anne Giamatti, the daughter, is 34 and trapped between her love for her father and her desire to be free from his stranglehold. James assembles a competent but flawed team to pull this off and all goes well until the end. In an ending so unpredictable that even the mastermind was surprised, James realizes that his only barrier to a win…is Anne herself.


I loved this one. I've only read two of the series, but this one was really good. Anne was such a wonderful character and the storyline built around her was just as wonderful. Can't wait to read more of this series.

The Great Baby Caper by Eugenia Riley Review

Title: The Great Baby Caper
Author: Eugenia Riley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 395
Price: $3.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Thoughts: A fun, sexy read.

Book Synopsis:


Oh, Baby!

Courtney Kelly is determined to become the next CEO of Bootle’s Baby Bower. Then at her company’s annual convention in New Orleans, Courtney’s crazy boss, M. Billingham Bootle, sends her and the other CEO candidates out on a wild, zany scavenger hunt to determine the winner of the promotion. Courtney’s assigned mission: Find the most eligible bachelor in the French Quarter willing to marry her . . . by morning!

Daddy Darling!

Daunted by her outrageous task, Courtney is prowling the French Quarter when she encounters suave, sexy Mark, a dashing Brit who quickly sweeps her off her feet and agrees to pose as her fiancé to help her win. But just as Courtney presents her “prize” to her boss, she learns she has been deceived, that the entire scavenger hunt was a stunt staged to get her to marry her boss’s grandson—who turns out to be none other than Mark! Although furious at him, Courtney can’t escape the consequences of an incredible night of passion she and Mark share. Soon the couple is immersed in a marriage of convenience, with a baby on the way. Mark and Courtney must juggle pending parenthood and a bi-continental marriage as they try to track down a wacky industrial saboteur at the baby products company. Can the expectant couple restore bliss to Bootle’s Baby Bower while finding love—and welcoming their own baby—along the way?

The Great Baby Caper is a fun, sexy, and touching contemporary romance of approximately 97,000 words. Eugenia Riley is the renowned, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary, and time-travel romances, including the classics A TRYST IN TIME and BUSHWHACKED BRIDE.


I'm a huge fan of Eugenia Riley's work, but have to say this was one of my favorites. It was a fun, sexy read that I would actually read a second time. If you love contemporary romance, I highly recommend this book.

Free Kindle Books for October 29th

Paradox - The Angels Are Here by Patti Roberts

Two mysterious strangers arrive just in time to help Grace Connors as she struggles to cope with the death of her father. But are the intentions of these strangers as innocent as they first seem, or is something far more sinister on their agenda?

Meanwhile, in a faraway realm, a race of fallen Angels clash with a ruling house of Angels. Their battle changes events in the Ancient World and the New World forever. A realm where a year can last centuries and an ancient, magical people still rule... A realm where even the immortals face danger.

A story that will indeed leave you asking... Who, When, Where? WHAT!

My name is Juliette. Nine hundred years ago, I died. Today, I am alive... This is my story.

The Matchmaker's Mark by Regan Black
FREE October 29-31 (Regularly $1.99 or FREE for Prime Members)

When you're 'more' than human, finding your soulmate isn't as easy as answering a few questions online. It's best to track down Campbell Consulting, a.k.a. the Matchmaker.

In Charleston, South Carolina half-elf Lily has a birthmark her elders vow is a mystical promise of true love. So far she's yet to encounter Mr. Right in either the elf or human realms.

Dare, a wood elf, has led the Matchmaker's security team for years. In town on a simple errand, when the Matchmaker disappears his future is turned inside out.

And Amy Campbell is a completely human English professor about to discover the true magic of the family business...

The Paranormal 13
(Regularly $9.99)

13 14 full length paranormal and urban fantasy novels featuring witches, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, psychics, Loki, time travel and more!

1.3 MILLION words! 3,500 PAGES!

Darkangel by Christine Pope
Twin Souls by K.A. Poe
The Girl by Lola St Vil
Rest for the Wicked by Cate Dean
Drowning Mermaids by Nadia Scrieva
Wolves by C. Gockel
The Witch Hunter by Nicole R Taylor
Beyond the Fortuneteller’s Tent by Kristy Tate
Nolander by Becca Mills
The Medium by C.J. Archer
Dream Student by J.J. DiBendetto
Deception by Stacy Claflin
The Black Parade by Kyoko M
The Thought Readers by Dima Zales

Each of these novels are FULL LENGTH BOOKS and are the first in each one's respective series.

The Vampire's Partner: A Romance In Central City, Novella Two by Jordan K. Rose Review

Title: The Vampire's Partner
Series: A Romance in Central City, Novella Two
Author: Jordan K. Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 93
Price: $1.99
Thoughts: A funny, sexy, and addictive series.

Book Synopsis:

With Panthera Laboratories running again The Vampire Guard has no choice but to return to Central City. Pretending to be lovers Hunter and Alice are sent in to do reconnaissance. But pretending to be something they both wish was real proves harder than they expect.

All logical thought tells Alice there’s no reason to mix business with pleasure unless you’re looking for a problem. Like every other girl who notices Hunter, she fantasizes about him. But becoming a member of his haram is not one of her life goals, neither is being forced to return to a life on the street. If there’s one sure-fire way of jeopardizing her career with The Guard and losing everything she’s worked so hard to attain, it’s by sleeping with her partner. The only problem is she can’t get her heart to believe logic or reason.

What is happening to Hunter? Is he losing his touch—his vampire touch? In all his years Hunter has never encountered anyone who could resist his vampire influence. Not until Alice. She’s also the only human to ever best him in a sparring match, but that was beginners luck and had nothing to do with the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking of how he wished she would see him as more than just a partner at work. No woman has ever awakened these feelings and no woman has ever denied him. He’ll do anything to persuade her to be his partner for life, love and eternity.


I love this series. It's fun, sexy, and addictive. The author has a way of creating incredibly sexy male leads that you can't help but swoon over. I can't wait to read the next one!